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Unique Wedding Videography

Peterborough’s Finest Wedding Video┬áSolution

As Peterborough’s premium wedding cinema company, we’re proud to bring you the best technology, storytelling, and customer service. Remember and share your day with a high quality video as unique as you are.

Quality video, packaging and audio ensures the best possible documentary of your entire day.

Since we started business in 2004, the popcorn is free and included with every DVD!

Your wedding day will be over before you know it. Trust Blush Wedding Films to capture every moment. You deserve the best.

New for 2016: a truly innovative and affordable DIY wedding video solution. Visit BlushDrop to learn more.



The perfect marriage (pardon the pun) of audio and video excellence.


We use state of the art cameras designed for the rugged documentary business. They support full frame shallow depth of field for that 'gorgeous' look, include pro audio enhancements, and unlike DSLRs, our cameras can record longer than 12 minutes and won't power down when overheated. We've tested it. Again. And again.


We take the the utmost care in capturing audio. We use up to 9 hidden microphones during your ceremony including wireless lavaliers, on-camera shotgun mics, a Dolby Surround Sound kit, plus backups. Lots of backups. We learned our lesson with a wedding near Buttonville airport's air traffic control.


It's that extra special something that our Blush couples tell us we capture and produce. From the DVD printing to the secure online Dropbox to the ability to fade into the crowd during the day, the best part of our job is showing you your day how it played out, without getting in the way, augmented with a little bit of Hollywood magic.


From the 24-7 access to our cel phone, the personalized meetings leading up to your big day, plus constant contact with us via email during the editing process, you can be confident with the knowledge that you've hired the best in the Kawarthas, and arguably one of the best wedding videographers in Canada. Or that's what our customers tell us.


If you want to read real comments from real Blush customer and wedding guests, this is the best place to do it. Videos and testimonials go back to 2009. (hint: we've earmarked a few of the best testimonials below) The Facebook link is at the bottom of this page.

No Hidden Fees

Scroll down for details, but our day starts when you do and ends when things start to get crazy at the reception. Over the years, we've found it's better to have the cameras rolling than not. When you see your entire day on a single DVD, we think you'll agree.


Photographers LOVE working with us. We've earmarked a few below and you can ask yourself. We know their gig and respect their space, and let them do their job while we do ours. We're super discreet and fully co-operative. We work things out before your big day and create the most perfect hybrid documentary of stills and video you could dream of.

Private Screening

You receive a login and password to a secure screening area, where you can see the progress of Blush editors as they work on your DVD. You can also use this space to send us your stuff: photos, music, or anything too big for an email.

Easy to understand pricing

No surprises. We're here for you all day or a partial day. Your choice.


999 $ /

  • Ceremony
  • Maximum 4 hours
  • 3 Fully Mastered DVDs

750 $ /

  • Ceremony purchase req'd
  • optional add-on
  • up to 4 hours

750 $ /

  • Ceremony purchase req'd
  • optional add-on
  • up to 4 hours

250 $ /

  • Same Day Edit
  • optional add-on
  • only avail. with full day


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