Economic Stimulus Package

EDIT: Our new pricing has been posted here.

I just came back from the first of many Christmas dinners with the family, this one in Windsor, Ontario across from Detroit. You can imagine the mood of the fam is a bit bleak with the automobile industry playing such an integral part of their lives.

They all felt that as a wedding professional, I was going to be OK because people still get married, and surely I’m not feeling the crunch.

Our bookings are way up for 2009 and things are looking very good for us as a company, but after discussing things with my wife Susan and Community Manager Kara, we are going to take a closer look at our pricing and help out those that can use a little help. I’ll keep the details wrapped up for now, but keep an eye on this blog for details.

We will let the cat out of the bag ONLY on this blog at 10AM Thursday January 1, 2009.

It will just be a chance for you to save some money on your Big Day, and we’ll run the promotion only until the weekend at 11:55PM Saturday night January 3th, or until the last of the weekends are booked.

PS: If you’re thinking about booking and want to make sure we save your date, email me today, hold the day with your deposit, and I guarantee you will be pleased or you get your money back (we waive our standard $250 cancellation fee).

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