Franzel + Chris: Surprise Same Day Edit

Franzel and Chris have been planning this wedding for over two years; in fact, they were one of my first bookings when I started in the wedding business.

Jason Magbanua

Trust me!

One of the reasons they picked me is that they saw something in my style that reminded them of someone: none other than the legendary wedding filmmaker Jason Magbanua. They handed me Jason’s sample DVD and said, ‘we know you can do this’.

Channeling my inner Filipino, I cranked up the creativity and fluid shooting style that is a trademark of Jason, and also pulled of a surprise SDE for Chris’ new wife Franzel. Big thank you to both Franzel and Chris for setting their expectation levels so high and challenging me to work harder. The SDE was a perfect choice for a very receptive and appreciative audience and couple.

Thanks to my crew Adrian and Jarrod for their excellent work.

Here’s a link to Jason’s excellent blog.

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