Glidecam Certification

Working the Forest

Hey, the back fourty behind the Massacheusetts office of Glidecam had an awesome forest, and so ended my Smooth Shooter formal certification.

VP of Sales & Marketing and talented operator Tom Howie applied over a decade of experience taking me though the stuff best seen first hand, including precision balancing, shooting technique, and the one thing I really wanted to do, take apart and re-assemble someone else’s rig!

I’ve done a few Glidecam weddings now and I’m feeling pretty confident, and it’s important to build on that experience and learn the correct way of working with this precision piece of equipment. I got that perspective, plus total confidence, and I think a free hat (if I can steal it back from one of my kids).

I had an opportunity to show Tom some of my work and he was impressed. Thanks Karen & Mark, and Sari & Shawn for the awesome wedding footage!

A little hand-held time lapse photography.

A little hand-held time lapse photography.

The rest of the trip was a dream. Whale watching off the shore of Boston, GPS-guided journeys down two lane roads through the back-country of Vermont and New Hampshire, and a beautiful stay at the Orendaga cabins in Northville, NY. If you’re looking for total privacy in a lovely town on a lake, look no further.

Now, back to the edit suite.

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