Glidecam Training & Wedding Video … coupon?!?

OK, I know … it’s like taking a workshop in Hawaii in January. But I’m taking a road trip through the lovely White Mountains in New Hampshire and Vermont this fall. It’s been a really busy summer, plus I’m totally burned out after TIFF, it’s time to reconnect with Susan and the kids and celebrate our 14th anniversary in style!

The Vest & Mount

The Vest & Mount

It didn’t hurt that the manufacturers of the Glidecam I recently purchased are having a boot camp training session the week I’m in their neighbourhood. Co-incidence … maybe not. But it makes for a fine deductable junket and will hopefully provide a solid return on investment for future wedding shoots. The Glidecam is what’s responsible for those lovely flying camera shots everyone loves. I’ve shot three events now with it, but Glidecam operation is an art form, so I’m taking advantage of the end of my season to brush up on some technique.

On a related note, the folks responsible for the ReFrame workshop series have announced spaces are open for their April Wedding Cinema workshop in Austin Texas. I’m so close to going … just looking to book a couple more weddings for 2009. Who’s presenting: none other than Filipino Wedding Rock Star Jason Magbanua, Vancouver’s Bruce Patterson, and Mississauga’s own Patrick Moreau, to name a few.

I’d like to go. Book a wedding and you’ll reap the rewards. In fact, mention this blog post for $500 off my published rates for the next two weddings. I guess there’s a first for everything, so book now!

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