Guest Director: Derek Esposito Love Story

I was honoured to work with a very good friend, colleague, and owner of one of the cameras we use, Derek, on a recent wedding project for Scott and Andrea.

This one was huge, it was a full-day affair and everyone was having a ball at the Scottish-Macedonian themed wedding (you can imagine the party!).

However, I concede that one of the many highlights of the evening was Derek’s unique approach to a love-story video. Being the MC for the evening, and long-time friend of the bride and groom, he wanted to do something special. Special would be an understatement; he went as far as to build a unique camera rig rivalled by some of Hollywood’s hottest directors. The rig was invented by Errol Morris and used to create this awesome film about the 2002 Oscars.

Basically, it’s really tough to get non-actors to talk comfortably into a camera lens, but by using a system of mirrors and glass, you can fool the ‘actors’ into thinking they’re looking into the eyes of their interviewer. It’s kinda like a two-way mirror, but portable and very small and very convincing. The result is amazing, and, well, just take a look and prepare to be blown away! This gear, along with Derek’s natural ability to direct, makes anyone (parents/family/friends) look like totally professional actors!

[vimeo 2042516]

We would love to do more of these, and frankly no-one in our part of the world is doing this style of video for weddings at all, which would make this a very unique document of your day indeed.

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