Packaging Upgrade Adventure

Email, Facebook, and Vimeo have taken a lot of the anticipation away from the wedding video business from the perspective of an eager bride.

These days with Same Day Edits, next name montages, and my prompt turnaround and support, the finalĀ  reveal has taken a bit of a back seat. It all happens pretty quickly now. By keeping constantly in touch with brides and wives, I was a little disappointed with the final package of late.

So, it was time to do some shopping!


Brides that have booked with me know my printing supplier is the bomb: my DVD replicator company prints full colour right on the glass. It looks better than Hollywood, no issues there. However I stopped by to see what’s new in the world of DVD printing and replication, and came away with a discount on my pricing and even faster turnaround on my latest job!

The DVD Case

Next stop was a new supplier for DVD cases and DVD books. I finally found an awesome photography supplier with a few wares for the video guys, and came back to the office with some awesome white cases with “Our Wedding” embossed on the front, plus a stunning black leather book, designed to hold two DVDs. That one is my new portfolio book, or I can sell one like it to anyone who loves it as much as I do!

The Package

Finally, it was about time to revisit my overall packaging. Since revamping the web site and launching a new logo with a prettier colour palette, I thought it was time to ditch the old Loblaws bag in favour of something special. I wanted something unique, complimenting my brand colours, and I was really interested in an environmentally sensible solution. It was our Community Service Manager Kara that virtualy dragged me to Luv2Pak in Downsview, and I wasn’t disappointed. They only sell to the trades, but I will admit if you want to browse the most beautiful and colourful packaging store in Canada, you have to visit these guys. Their web site doesn’t do it justice.

The Final Result

We settled for a lovely blue bag, large enough to fit our obligatory popcorn box and DVDs. The bag is 100% biodegradable and made from Treeless Paper, certified with a net-zero footprint. It’s also Made In Canada! (yeah!) This is one product I guarantee you won’t be using as a kitchen recycle bag any time soon.

It’s nice to spruce things up and try something new.

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