Payment By Chocolate

Someone once told me “never trust vegetarians or people who don’t eat chocolates”. Now I happen to know a few vegetarians and consider myself a bit of a chocolate connossieur, and I think we’re all rather trustworthy people. So when Seattle-based Liko offered to pay for some extra work on her wedding video from this summer with chocolate,¬†how could I not trust her?

I was a bit surprised though to open the mail today and receive the most delightful “payment” I’ve ever received in the form of Seattle Chocolates. Now you have to understand, I’ve driven from Durham to the Distillery just for a Soma Mayan Hot Cocoa, so I’m going to tip my hand and reveal that there is nothing I won’t do for a premium piece of chocolate; let’s say Liko will be receiving services rendered.

My personal favourite so far is the Panoramic Pecan. I will say this: the packagine is divine, and now I know the colour scheme of my oldest daughter’s bedroom that I’m so proud of has been already coined as, “Coconut Macaroon With Sea Salt”.

Sadly, Seattle  Chocolates does not deliver to Canada (at least by conventional means). What this means is that I may be doing a lot of Pacific Coast weddings in 2010.

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