Sari & Shane

Sari & Shane are a real awesome couple. We met at another wedding I was shooting at the Royal Ashburn and we hooked up for their wedding only four weeks later!

I’ve seen other videographers tackle the famed Randolph Treeland Parkette at Fantasy Farm, with the 100 foot wooden staircase descending into the matrimonial grotto. It’s a right of passage for Toronto wedding videographers, and especially thrilling with a full Glidecam rig. You can see a few seconds of the descent in this montage. I didn’t trip, and got some stunning footage after the fact. Mission: accomplished!

The bubble shot at 1:08 is just awesome!!!

The day was a beautiful end to a busy season; thanks to Sari & Shane for their enthusiasm and big smiles!

[vimeo 2492543]

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