The Business of Event Videography

I read an amazing article that I think might be interesting to prospective clients, regarding the state of the art of event and wedding videography. While there will always be a demand for a pure document of the day complete with a full 90 minute mass,  there is growing interest in telling a deeper story involving the who-what-when-where of a bride and groom’s experience encapsulated into a bold and highly crafted reality TV style.

I remember seeing the work of GMElliot many years ago while working as an editor/producer at a major network in Canada, and thinking of how beautiful his work was. But more importantly, he told a little story that I’m sure the couple were thrilled with. And it was just gorgeous to watch. It’s a fine line between creating a loving documentary of the day and a hip music video where the couple ‘shows up’ occationally. There are a few masters, and Glen is one of them.

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