Welcome to Blush!


Today we are formally relaunching our website and blog as Blush Wedding Films Canada. You may have known us as Durham Wedding Video but we rebranded for two very important reasons.

Amazing Growth

The most obvious reason you know if you’re a past client; our market has grown far beyond our humble beginnings in Durham Region east of Toronto. Our clients have booked from as far away as Japan (hello Nick and Amy!), Seattle (holla Simon and Liko!), 519, 905, 705, 647 and of course 416!


The other reason we needed a facelift is because of what our clients tell us again and again: we are NOT a regular wedding ‘video’ company. Our ‘films’ feature beautiful brides and handsome grooms. We capture the romance, drama and excitement of a wedding day in a way that can only be described as cinematic.

A name change was imminent, we just needed to brainstorm a bit.

Thanks of course as always goes out to my wife Susan for pitching a few awesome names, Blush being one of them. Thanks too for Susan wisely vetoing Popcorn Wedding – hey a guy can dream!

My appreciation goes out to my female focus group consisting of Cindy and Justine at the Toronto Star. Thanks, ladies for the suggestions.

Thanks to Ruth Alves, a hip designer who’s apparently too hip for a web site (nudge, nudge). When she’s not acting as Art Director for major Canadian lifestyle magazines, she’s busy designing awesome logos like the one we all settled on.

The 2009 season is in full swing so updates will be a bit slow as we are swamped with weddings and of course this long overdue rebrand. Keep checking in!

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