Quality Wedding Cinema

The Story of Blush

Rick, owner of Blush Wedding Films and video, circa 1984

In the summer of 1984, at the age of 16, I video taped my french teacher’s wedding ceremony in Windsor, Ontario.

Unfortunately, I then recorded over the ceremony with the reception. This ended my wedding cinema career for over 20 years.

Despite that setback, I built a successful and entertaining career in the television and film industry.

Then and Now

Having working for some of the biggest networks in Canada (CTV, Global, Discovery and more) for some of the top brands in the business, I really enjoy doing what I do for real people.

Like you!

Seems I have a gift of capturing the perfect image, the best sound, and delivering it all through constant updates and prompt delivery.

Quality Picture and Sound

Blush wedding films are unique in that we capture the joy of the day as it unfolds ¬†with picture and sound. Sound is very important, and sets us apart from the photographers who tag ¬†‘cinema’ as an add-on.

In fact we would suggest that audio is more than 50% of a great video.

We use up to 9 microphones through the day to capture everything that’s said: of course the ‘I do’s’ – but also the mistakes, the laughs and the tears. Imagine looking back at your wedding film to hear your family wish you their best in their own words. It’s truly breathtaking and based on the feedback from our customers it’s what sets us apart and makes the investment in a Blush film, “worth every penny’, according to dozens of happy couples and families.

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A little about the ‘joy’ part. We’ve observed something about many less experienced videographers: they don’t capture the joy of the day. We can’t explain it, but you’ve probably noticed, there are too many wedding videos out there where the couples are forced into awkward setups, holding unusual poses, and don’t seem to be having a good time. If there’s one thing you’ll notice about all of our work, the bride and groom seem to be having a great time. No crazy forced poses or awkward positions.

Certified Glidecam Operator

In addition to industry-leading sound recording, Rick is one of Ontario’s only certified Glidecam owner, earning an operator certificate from the Boston, Massachusetts main office in 2008. When you see the silky smooth camera motion with very little slow-motion or fuzzy post-production to ‘smooth out’ the shaky video … that’s the real-time Glidecam technology at work.

Peace of Mind

Greater Peterborough Chamber of CommerceAfter moving to Peterborough in 2012 we joined the local Chamber of Commerce, giving us access to some of the best businesses in the region, and giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the Chamber is looking out for you.

See for yourself. We’ve got real-life endorsements on our Facebook page, plus plenty of video on our Vimeo page. Pricing is simple and no-nonsense.

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