Julia + Steven: Same Day Edit

I meet a lot of sweet couples with my job, and it’s a genuine privilege to meet a super awesome couple like these two. Their relationship has grown since high school, and they’ve grown stronger and more in love than ever. It shows in this video. What an adorable couple!

A popular modern option with some premium wedding filmmakers is the Same Day Edit (SDE), which can be a remarkably dramatic and tearful addition to your wedding reception. Imagine the surprise on your guests faces when they see a montage of the day, offering a behind-the-scenes tour of everything from the makeup, hair, groom, ceremony and reception.

Based on our portfolio, Julia and Steven felt we were up to the task and trusted us with our first SDE, and judging from the response of her guests we delivered beyond everyones expectations, including our own very high standards.

I’d like to thank my crew Adrian and JT for their professionalism and patience through the day.

– Rick

One thought on “Julia + Steven: Same Day Edit

  1. Thank you so much for the SDE. I have sent it to EVERYONE! It was such a thrill to watch it at the reception. So much fun to see what you were all up to while I was doing hair and makeup! As well I never got to really see the chuppah, too emotional to see anything at that moment. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks again so much Rick for your vision, professionalism and talent.
    You are right . They are an amazing couple.
    Eleanor Rice
    Mother of the Bride

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